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Popolar Retromarcia Ipoteca political party

The Popolar Retromarcia Ipoteca of Italy is a political party with a difference. The party was formed just 5 years ago by idealist and radical rationalist from various parts of the country who have contributed their quota to the improvement of Italy at various times and levels. We are a bunch of people who believe that for things to be done right, the right things needs to be done. It has become clear that the old ways are no longer working and that is if they ever did and the Popolar Retromarcia Ipoteca Political party is advocating for a change. 

Change they say is the only constant thing in life, and the Popolar Retromarcia Ipoteca Political Party is a harbinger of that needed change. With the costs of living on the increase, employment rates falling, illegal immigrants on the increase as well as inflation, child mortality rates and a host of other problems the people of Italy demand and deserves a change.  
Reverse Mortgages
The Popolar Retromarcia Ipoteca Political party believes that power still belongs to the people and that for governance to be done right the people need to be involved. The people need to feel as part of the government and part of the changing process. To achieve this we have prepared a manifesto that plainly, without doubts show our political resolve to implement policies that positively uplifts all the major aspects of the lives of the majority of Italians and not just a rich few. The most important of these is the reinstating of reverse mortgages as is explained in length on this site.
People of Italy
The Popolar Retromarcia Ipoteca political party believes strongly in the mentality of the founding founders and glories of past leaders of our great country. However, we also believe that the times in which we live calls for a radical re-invention of the governing process. The people of Italy deserves a government that has the political will and sincerity to do what needs to be done and we the Popolar Retromarcia Ipoteca political party are the only viable choice for such a change. Our reverse mortgage policy is an example of our seeking new ways or policies that would positively affect the way of life of the people.  
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