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Italy united on the issue of reverse mortgages.
Italy can realy use reverse mortgages.
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The Popolar Retromarcia Ipoteca is a political party that advocates for a change to the better for all Italians and the implantation of a national reverse mortgage program.

The party was formed about 5 years ago to provide a viable alternative to all the other traditional political parties that have tried and failed us all on numerous occasions. This is a party of renewed hope because we have the proper intentions as well as the will power and sincerity to do that which is right to make things right.
Reverse Mortgages
Among our pet projects that are designed to benefit the populace is our advocacy for reverse mortgages. Reverse mortgages are unique kind of loans that offer a number of advantages to seniors who are above 62 years of age. Reverse mortgages are being successfully implemented in countries like USA and UK while other countries including China are fast embracing it. The reverse mortgage loan has a lot of features that is designed to benefit older ones and give them a source of income to live in relative comfort during the years of their retirement. For more on the advantages of Reverse Mortgages, please visit the appropriate page of this website. Or use this reverse mortgage calculator to get a rough idea of how they work.
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The Popolar Retromarcia Ipoteca political party will continue to seek new ways, ideas and policies that would improve all parts of our economy. Change can be a good thing if implemented properly and that is exactly what the Popolar Retromarcia Ipoteca is out to do; to successfully implement a positive change. Be a part of the new Italian dawn; support the Popolar Retromarcia Ipoteca political party.  
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